MOSSBERG 500/550

parts included for ruger mini mount

Mossberg 550/550 Mini-Scout-Mount ™
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Details and Specifications

Mini-Scout-Mount ™ for Mossberg 500/550

Get the most out of your trusty 12 Gauge MOSSBERG pump by upgrading it to accept a modern sight system like a red-dot sight or pistol/scout scope.  This rugged aluminum mount bolts directly onto your shotgun barrel in minutes with NO modifications to the gun! Works with all fore end styles and allows you to change barrels on your shotgun without losing the zero on your sighting system.  It protects the hand from heat during sustained shooting, and the barrel from damage during tactical operations.  When coupled with a Tactical Light Mount Kit you can add tactical flashlights, lasers, etc. 


Mossberg 500/550 Mini Mountt
Mossberg 500/550 Mini Mount

Suggested Accessories for Mossberg 550/550

When combined with our Tactical Light Mount Kit install a flashlight for home defense or patrol duty. With all of the features of the proven Mini-Scout-Mount ™ design, you can take a flexible and Mossberg to a whole new level of performance.

It is your BEST solution for attaching a flashlight or laser sight to your Mini. Add a pistol scope or red-dot sight and you have one of the fastest handling shotguns ever assembled!

Tactical Light Mount Kits


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A: About 5 minutes.

A: NO…but it will get warm.

A: NO. In fact, since the mount is installed only on the barrel, you can change the barrel to a different gun and still be zeroed.

A: Scout or pistol scope styles will work best. We recommend a pistol scope. They are more compact and have longer eye relief, which allows better peripheral vision.

A: The mount weighs 11.8 ounces and mount is 14.25 inches long

A: No.

However, given that the Magpul forearm is made of plastic, the top edge of it could be easily reduced to provide enough clearance to function the shotgun.