Mini-Scout-Mount ™ VII

Will fit any caliber Remington®
742 / 760 / 7400 / 7600 / 750

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Get on 'em FAST with a Mini-Scout-Mount ™
Made in the USA



Details and Specifications

Mini-Scout-Mount-VII ™ for Remington ® 742/760/7400/7600/750
Now Dad (or Grandpa) can take their favorite deer rifle back into the woods in a modern "Scout Rifle" configuration, equipped with a modern sight system to help them get on targets faster and with better peripheral vision. Transform that trusty deer rifle in minutes with NO modifications to the gun! The bolt-on construction of the Mini-Scout-Mount-VII™ requires NO alteration of your rifle and will improve its accuracy with most types of ammunition. Now you can have a rugged platform to mount a modern red-dot sight, pistol or scout scope, along with tactical flashlights, lasers, etc. (requires a Tactical Light Mount Kit).

The Mini-Scout-Mount-VII™ will fit any barrel that has a REAR SIGHT RAMP held on with TWO 6x48 SCREWS. It will not work on dovetailed or untapped barrels. Just remove fore end and the rear sight ramp from the barrel, install with the installation tool provided and replace the fore end.

  • Weight: 8.0 oz.
  • Length: 11.0 inches

Mini Scout Mount VII
Mini Scout Mount VII
Mini Scout Mount VII
Mini Scout Mount VII

Installation Guide

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Suggested Accessories for Remington® 742 - 7600

When combined with our Tactical Light Mount Kit install a flashlight for home defense or patrol duty. With all of the features of the proven Mini-Scout-Mount ™ design, you can take a flexible and reliable 870 to a whole new level of performance.

It is your BEST solution for attaching a flashlight or laser sight to your Mini. Add a pistol scope or red-dot sight and you have one of the fastest handling scout carbines ever assembled!


Tactical Light Mount Kits

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