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Comment By:  Doug Mote
I just returned from the range. This was my first trip after in stalling an Mini Scout Mount on my 183- series Mini 14.   After zeroing the Aimpoint Mk III, yes the original 1980s Aimpoint red dot sight, this rifle began to consistently print 1MOA or better groups @ 50 yards shooting 55gr Amax loads.   Four rounds touching, one flyer 1" out of the group.   Now I can't blame the rifle for the flyers.   This rifle has NEVER shot that well even with a 3x9 scope on a traditional receiver mount.   The Mini Scout Mount worked so well I am going to buy another for my Ranch Rifle simply to stabilize the barrel.   Great job!   This is THE must have Mini accessory.

Comment By:  Daryl ColvinView Daryl's pictures - Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3
As you know I was hot on the trail of .308 semi auto.   I kept getting increasingly frustrated with the choices: the lack of standardization (AR-10 platform) the exorbitant costs (all of them), and various reliability and scope mounting issues.   I then ran across Amega Mounts picatinny rail mounts for the M1 Garand.   A work of pure engineering genius( like the M1 Garand).   Allowing for a long eye relief pistol type scope just forward of the loading/ejection port.    I've amassed a fair amount of loading experience with the .308 Win/7.62 NATO: Rons' Rem Mohawk, 2 Rem 760 Pumpguns and a custom Marlin 336 levergun (used to be a 30-30 then a 30-30 Ackley improved, now a .308, and will kick you halfway into next week with the heaviest loads!)   The experience base includes a broad variety of jacketed and cast lead bullets at a wide range of power levels.   The cartridge certainly lives up to it's reputation for efficiency, power and versatility, but the business about inherent accuracy is slightly overstated.   To greatly oversimplify the comparison, the 30-06 is the .308 with a huge stroker crank.   An adventure some handloader can make power that rivals the much regarded .300 Win Mag using hefty charges of slow burning powders that will not fit in the .308 case.   The M1 Garand can safely operate at these levels with minimal modifications to the gas system, and because of its 9+pound weight is still tolerable to shoot.  This gun despite its modern stock and rubber butt pad is nowhere near as pleasant to shoot as the Garand.

Comment By:  WaltView Walt's pictures - Picture 2 - Picture 3
Took the #2 Whelen rifle out between showers, and did a quick one shot zero at 25 yards, then a confirmation shot (the X on the target) Picture 1.   I took the target out to 100 yards, came up two inches, and fired the attached (yes, I've now cranked in another 1 inch left windage (finest I can get with this scope), but didn't fire a target). The results speak for themselves (that's a 1 3/4 in. max group). The load was my full power 225gr Nosler BT; the same weight Sierra seems to shoot marginally better based on past tests.   The scope is a inexpensive BSA 2X pistol scope; I think I would rather have a real scout type scope - for sure in blue! - a 4X would probably be ideal.    The scope is very low to the bore, and I had to compromise on a spot weld or a heads up... but it works.   I'll probably change over to Weaver rings because they are easier to remove should I want to use the iron sights, and maybe go a bit higher on the rings also.    I'd have one of these mounts on all my shooter Garands if I could afford it.   The Garand, configured this way, beats the M1A/M-14 sniper hands down, IMHO.   Longevity is still an issue, obviously, but unless you hear from me otherwise, it's staying in one piece and working as it should.   This mount is designed much like an anvil - I don't think it's not going to break.

Comment By: Walt
It's been a while since anything new has happened.   Today, I mounted an "Amega Ranges" Scout type mount on one of the 35's.   Installation was easy; the mount seemed to be self aligning (aka level).   Everything went according to directions with no surprises.   My only complaint, and it's truly minor, is that the set screw holes in the top of the mount had a lot of burrs on them, and when the set screws were installed, the anodized burrs broke off; this left a bit of unfinished aluminum showing through.

Comment By:  Adam CollinsView Adam's picture - Picture 1
I received your rail system in 3 days after I placed my order I've over phone. I have the all weather stainless steel mini 14 and I ordered your black rail system. Your range made my Mini look much better. It looks much more tactical and aggressive. I'm glad I got that and not the silver colored one. It would have made the rifle look too pretty. One thing I was concerned about before I installed your product was that it had no holes in it to let the heat escape. Your system makes up for this by putting a gap on both sides, in between the stock and the range that lets the heat and excess gas escape quicker and easier than the standard hand guard. Although this may not seem like a big deal, I think it really helps. Thanks for making such a great product. As long as nothing changes, I don't plan on ever taking your range off my rifle. I plan on doing some comparison accuracy testing between the groups I got before your product was installed and after. I will get back to you then. Feel free to use the pics I attached to show other potential customers or post it on your website. In case you're wondering, that is a TRUglo 30mm red optic, which I think is the best red-dot optic out given the extremely low price.

Comment By:  WaltView Walt's pictures - Picture 1 - Picture 2
Ok, so I couldn't wait. I know it looks terrible with the silver scope, but I wanted to see how it pointed. I was pleasantly surprised! If I look at a target, then raise the rifle, the crosshairs are only a little left and under the target. This may change when it's actually sighted in, but it's a good sign. BTW, I forgot to mention earlier that with the mount installed and the scope removed, the iron sights are very much usable - something you can't say about the other's mounts. If this puppy holds up to the Whelen's recoil, it's will go into my greatest thing since file.

Comment By:  Paul Allen George
Received today. Easy to install, great instructions. Appears to be a great device, worth waiting for. Not that it makes any difference to you, but this has been attached to a Garand which was converted to take the M14 mags (BM59 kit) and a 308 18 in. barrel. Thank you very much for the very prompt service.

Comment By:  Brett Juden
I just installed the rail on my mini 14 and just wanted to tell you that it looks great. I haven't had a chance to shoot it but, I can't imagine that I will not be happy with it. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea for the issue of optics on military style guns

Comment By:  Brodie Thurmon
Recently, you had spoken with my wife over the phone regarding an order I tried to place online, but for some reason, my card was declined. My card is good, since I use it every day, and have used it since I tried placing the order. I will not be needing to place an order now, since I went to Brownell's, and ordered your mount from them. I wanted your mount that bad, that I was willing to pay more (when it turned out, Brownell's cut the cost about $20, so I spent about the same as I would have with you). So don't worry, I still got your product, only through a different vendor.) I would like to add, that upon much research, I chose Amega Ranges over other products (i.e. Ultimak). I've read some opinions regarding both mounts, and more people tend to favor Amega Ranges mounts over the Ultimak. It seems like the only thing that the Ultimak might have going for it would be it's lower profile. Yet, it doesn't have the added mounting options that the Amega does (to mount lasers, lights, whatnot). And, the rail runs the entire length of the mount (as opposed to Ultimak's, which appears to stop a couple of inches forward of the receiver). The Amaga looks sturdier, and will provide the performance enhancements as advertised (I've read testimonials of individuals on the internet that the Amega increase their accuracy, better than the Ultimak). I am going to use this on a Mini 14, and I'm also new to the scout mount concept. So I wanted the best product at the best price to see how I like it, which I'm sure I will!

Comment By:  Steve Wolaver
I have 2 of your mounts on mini 14's with butler creek folding stocks and they have worked VERY well. I'm thinking of putting the same combo on a 10/22...Will it fit the same??? Love your mounts Thank You!

Comment By:  Charles Woolley
I just want to thank you for a great product. As a custom gunsmith and competitor, I had been scout scoping M1's for several years but your product is more versatile and bolting it in place tames the harmonics of the M1 and M1A's considerably. It is almost like threading in a high grade match barrel in some instances.

Comment By:  James Geurin
I've purchased one of your mini 14 mounts, my Eotech fits just fine. I would also like to use my leupold 2 1/2 power scout scope. Do you sell rings for the Leupold or could you advise me what to buy? Your mount was easy to attach, I was expecting trouble but everything went smoothly. Appreciate your input.
Reply from AM: Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the mount. We don't sell rings, but really like the quick-detachable (QD) types made by Warne, Burris, and Leupold. If you remove your scope, then place the rings back into the same cross slots where they were when the scope was sighted in, it will return to zero with great consistency.

Comment By:  Dale E. Hudson
I just wanted to say thank you for the two rails I bought from you in Charlotte. Although I have not mounted them yet, I am confident that I will have a good optic on both my Garand and Carbine soon. Thanks for making and marketing the perfect solution.

Comment By:  Don Sharp
Some time ago I bought one of your M-1 Garand scout mounts. I thought you might like to know that it fit on my Beretta BM 62 rifle perfectly. As the barrel in stamped BM 59 like most of the parts are stamped it would follow that your mount will also fit Beretta 59 rifles of both Beretta and Springfield Armory of Illinois mfg. There are not a ton of these rifles floating around but letting these owners know your mount fits may make some extra sales for you as well of making these rifle owners very happy.

Comment By:  Joe GatinsView Joe's picture - Picture 1
A pic of my Garand with Amega Ranges mount.

Comment By:  David Morris
Received my Scout mount today. Only took 3 days! Thanks for the prompt service. Mount looks great and fit perfectly.

Comment By:  Glenn J. Dagley MCPO USN(RET)
Just wanted to let y'all know how nice it is in this day and age to get a product that actually performs as advertized. The M1 mini mount fits my M1 Tanker so well it looks like original equipment and not an add on. At the range a lot of people thought that and couldn't get over how good that mount looks on the rifle. As per the instructions I fired a 100 rounds thru it and when I checked all the bolts, the only ones I had to snug up a bit were 2 of the retaining screws. Fired another 100 rounds, re-checked and everything was tight as a tick on a fat hound dog. Mounted a 2-7X32 scout scope on it and my groups at 100 yards using 147 gr FMJ military surplus ammo were consistently one and a half inches with several groups at one inch. At 200 yards I hit 12 inch by 12 inch steel targets with the scope on 2 power 24 times out of 24 rounds fired. That gun ain't never shot that could. Best I could get out of it before using the iron sights was 3 to 4 inch groups with most of them in the 4 inch category. Some of this improvement can be attributed to using a scope vice iron sights but I think a lot of it has to do with this mount stiffening the barrel just like y'all said it would. Anyway, just wanted to say Thanks for making such an excellent product.

Comment By:  Martin Topper
I mounted the Mini-Scout-Mount on my Mini-14 last night and shot a second set of five-shot groups today under similar conditions of temperature and wind as when I fired the control groups prior to mounting the Mini-Scout-Mount. The result was an overall reduction of group size by almost an inch. The groups with the Mini-Scout-Mount installed are also more evenly dispersed around the point of aim. In addition, I shot various loads containing bullets of different weights. These different loads shoot much closer together now that the Mini-Scout-Mount in on the gun. Vertical dispersion of the group centers of several different loads using bullets weighing 53-62-20 gr. has been reduced from 7 in. to 4 in. Horizontal dispersion of the group centers of the same loads was reduced by one inch. Finally, at 20 yards the rifle shot a 6.25 in., ten-shot group, with seven rounds impacting in a 3-inch group. This is excellent for a Mini-14 using factory 55 gr. ball ammo. Overall, I'm very pleased with the Mini-Scout-Mount. I plan to put an EO-Tech sight on the gun later this summer. I assume that it will bolt right on to the rail. If not, please let me know what type of adapter I'll need. Thanks very much for sending me your product.

Comment By:  Ralph Featherstone
I purchased one of your Mini 14 Scout Mounts Saturday at a gun show. I am impressed with the quality of the machine work. As a retired machinist, I notice these things! If there were a fly in the ointment, so to speak, it would be the chromed belly band. Against the black of the mount and my black stock, it stands out visually as opposed to the seamless blending in of the gas block mount. I suggest you make it a powder coated item so it is not so obtrusive visually. Otherwise, a fine piece of equipment. Now I need to go sight in my new Holographic sight!

Comment By:  David MorrisView David's pictures - Picture 1 - Picture 2
Here are the groups pictures. I cleaned the gun before each group fired one fouling shot then shot one ten shot group at 100 yd. X Leupold scope was used on conventional mounts. 1.5 X 4 Burris set on 4X was used with Scout Mount. Ten shot groups were fired without letting the gun cool between shots. Of course the gun was cool at the beginning of each group. The gun strings from lower left to upper right as it heats up. I would estimate that the groups could be almost 2/3 as big if the gun was allowed to fully cool between each shot.

Comment By:  Jim Luca
Received the Mini-14 mount on Sat. It installed beautifully, looks great and the gun seems to function perfectly. I'd appreciate any information on sources for moderately priced scopes (brands and model numbers) that have been found to work well on this rifle and mount. Thanks for a good product.

Comment By:  Mike McDonald
Bought a mini-14 to test the mount you gave me at the SP Snipers Challenge a few weeks back. 2 each three round groups fired 100 yards prone open sights over a rucksack. Average 7 inches factory handgaurd in place. Installed mount, same range, ammo, position, open sights. 2 each three round groups fired with mount installed, 0.8 and 1.2 inches respectively. Fired a ten round group on steel target @ 100 yards. 2.2 inches. Barrel heating deflection is also reduced. Nice job, and thanks for the mount. I've already showed it to Chris Farris @ swfa, and just emailed him my test results. You two should talk. He needs a solution to mounting on a mini and you have a really good answer.

Comment By:  James W. Ritter, Ft Worth, Texas, HCSO (Retired)
I wanted to tell you how well your mounts are working on my wife's MINI14, my son-in-law's MINI14, and my son's MINI14 folder. excellent product. I want to mount one on my SOCOM, now.

Comment By:  Allen Lungo
Received my mount last Thursday, mounted it (easily) the same day. The next day purchased and had mounted a Bushnell pistol scope. (The clerk at the gun store said it was the best looking Mini 14 mount he had seen). Took it to the range Monday and I'm absolutely delighted.

Comment By:  Duke
I got the Mount, it is a work of art. I do want to thank you and it was an honor to be of service to you and to say a played a small part in this mount. Right now I am focusing on working in the states, I have had enough of Iraq. I will send you some pics when I am done with the new rifle. I am building a new rifle around the mount and its potential.

Comment By:  Pete Swanson
I met you at the SHOT Show and was impressed with your products, especially the replacement handguard for the M-14. I ordered one on the spot, along with several Tactical Light Mount kits. I was wondering when it might be shipped, as we have a SWAT training day on 03/09 and I wanted to show it off to the rest of the team at that time. I even bought a Laser Devices tactical light for the set-up. Looking forward to receiving the rail, and probably ordering more for our other M-14's

Comment By:  Jon Hollister
You guys are awesome! I am a turkey hunter and I really would like to forward mount some optics on my shotgun. That's where the scopes belong on a shotgun anyway - to avoid scope injuries from recoil. Plus, this allows barrels to be switched between bird barrels and slug/turkey barrel setups with scopes. Also it's nice to be able to grip the gun around the receiver when walking through the woods. I think you could sell a lot of these mounts by marketing them to all the turkey, slug and tactical shot gunners out there. The big gun companies are stuck on this cantilever concept which isn't necessary or desirable. Keep up the good work!

Comment By:  John Nystrom
Thanks you for the reply. I still remember how helpful you were over the phone when I purchased the Mini-14 rail. I originally used a Tasco Pro-point red dot, but have switched to a Burris 3x pistol scope (the eyes aren't what they once were). Your product has performed brilliantly. You are right about High Standard being a major supplier of shotguns. Many of the guns were Flight Kings, but some had features that were different from the Flight King. My gun is the 18" gun with extended magazine tube, but no 'Flight King' stamp on the barrel. The receiver looks to be identical to a Flight King that I have to a close friend some years ago. I'm not sure if the Flight King will have the same receiver and barrel profile as your gun. (Maybe I ought to just leave the HS as is, and just look for an 870!) Anyway, will be watching the website for the new products. (You don't need another field tester, do you?) Thanks again!

Comment By:  Christopher Somers SSGT, 22nd Security Forces Squadron, 22nd Air Refueling Wing, McConnell AFB Kansas
I got the scout mount, that thing is nice & solid....we like it a lot. I spoke with Bo & he's hooking me up with 2 of the sight systems. We installed the one you sent me onto out (1) and only 22 in. barrel. I hope to send you some photos here soon of us training with them. Thanks again.

Comment By:  Jim Mock
WOW! That was a fast reply! Thanks a lot. You are great people to work with and have great looking products!

Comment By:  Mike Torrence
I purchased through Kieth's sporting goods in Gresham OR. a mini14 scout mount that I had them order for me. I installed it and it works great but then I realized there's supposed to be that chrome barrel mount piece that goes on the bottom of the barrel with the two screws, I got the screws and the wrenches but no band, do I need that? It seems really solid but I was told that stiffens the barrel for accuracy, so could you send me that piece? I paid $110.00 For the mount and m6 adapter and would appreciate it.
Thank you very much, buy the way, I was very surprised that no one I knew in the rifle community knows about these at all. they are of the best quality and fit I have ever seen on an aftermarket mount. You really did your homework, again thanks for sending that out today.
Reply from AM: Yes, the barrell clamp (stainless steel) is needed, and yours will go out today via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Our deepest apologies! Honestly, this is a first time event for us and we are embarrassed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Comment By:  Milt SimmonsView Milt's picture - Picture 1
I have an M1 Garand Rifle model M1D , with a new barrel installed. I would like to know if you can modify the scope mount by removing 2.05 inches from the rear (closest to the receiver and barrel block) of the mount? I think the mount would fit with the modification but I would like your facilities to perform the alteration. If I did it the appearance of the mount would be compromised. Thank you for your assistance with this matter. I have modified your M1Garand Mini scout Mount to fit an M1D Rifle. I am enclosing photos of the assembled rifle with mount as you requested.

Comment By:  Rick Hill
I was on a camping trip in Southern California and had decided to go for a hike. I always carry my Mini-14 along with me on these treks, and had it outfitted with your Mini-Scout-Mount, a red-dot sight, and a flashlight attached with your Tactical Light Mount Kit. I made the mistake of wearing sneakers instead of boots, which I know was a bad idea, but I was in a hurry to get out in the field so I did it anyway. I came upon a step bank that I had to side-hill to get across. When I stepped on a moss-covered rock, my foot slipped and I tumbled down the hill for about 20 feet before I could stop my fall. I lost my grip on the Mini-14, which slid about 50-60 feet down the hill and landed on some rocks in the stream bed.

I managed to climb down the hill and retrieve my rifle. The red-dot sight was broken off and ruined. The screws that held the Tactical Light Mount Kit on were sheared off and I never found it or the flashlight. The Mini-Scout-Mount was nicked up, but still in place and the Mini-14 still worked. I hobbled back to camp and later learned that I had broken my toe. I personally think that the Amega Ranges scout rail is the best piece of Mini-14 equipment I have ever bought. I really appreciate you sending me a new one with the Tactical Light Mount Kits. I look forward to buying more of your products for different rifles.

Comment By:  Smokey Briggs
I just want to congratulate Amega Ranges on an excellent product. I purchased an Amega Ranges scout mount for an M-1 Garand in July of 05 and promptly bolted it onto my favorite shooting Garand. The rifle has a Fulton Armory mil-spec barrel and is bedded -- other than those to modifications she is stock and shoots right at 2moa with surplus ammunition. I added a Burris scout scope (2.75x) and started shooting. The optics bring the rifle into the 21st century and my aging eyes really appreciate the help. After 1,000+ rounds point of aim / point of impact has not shifted one iota. Nice. Many thanks and hurry up with the M1A mount!
(By the way, a cheek piece from Rooster 33 is also a nice addition with this modification as it allows old shooters to keep their exact cheek weld when using the scope. If you could cut a deal with the Canadian fellow that operates Rooster 33, I think you could market the mount and the cheek piece together for a real customer pleasing set up.)

Comment By:  Jon Brad
First, thank you for an well built, high quality product.
Second, would you please recommend a set of scope rings that is compatible with your scout scope mounting system. I am attaching a Leupold Scout Scope to a M1 Garand. My concern is that I wish to mount the scope in a secure manner, and clear the front sight so that it is not in the field of view from the scope (I wish to keep the front sight intact). Scope rings come in low, med, and high heights. I believe the medium will give good results, but would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

Comment By:  Carl J. Barzilauskas
I received your mount and it is a nice, well built piece. Works great.

Comment By:  Bruce G. Rollin
As a very satisfied Mini-14 user I was excited to hear that a similar scout mount was under development for my GI Carbine. Can you please advise me as soon as these become available? I've seen others offered for sale, but after the success I've had with yours I'd prefer to wait, but not too long. My eyesight is now such that I MUST use some form of optic sight if I wish to hit my targets, or switch to axes and grenades. Be assured that I would like to be your first customer for the M1 Carbine scout mount. Thanks for a great Product!

Comment By:  Sam
Recently purchased your mount for Ruger Mini-14. I have to say that after trying three different side mounts and two different scopes that it is a happy occasion at my house to finally have a quality mounting system. I will be using it in West Virginia for deer hunting and my eyesight isn't what it used to be. Nearly every firearm I pick up, the rear sight is blurry. QUESTION: What type of scope would you suggest for shots from 25-200 yards. It seems there is going to be an eye relief problem.
P.S. I saw your mounting system at a gun show in Columbus, Ohio a week or so ago. Thanks much for your product.