REMINGTON® 870 Mini-Scout-Mount

parts included for ruger mini mount
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Remington® 870 Mini-Scout-Mount ™
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Get on 'em FAST with a Mini-Scout-Mount ™
Made in the USA

Details and Specifications

New and Improved, Lightweight Mini-Scout-Mount ™ for Remington ® 870 (both plain & vent rib barrels)

The solid performance of the Mini-Scout-Mount 870 has now been upgraded with a LOWER PROFILE and LIGHTER WEIGHT without giving up any of the function and features of the original design.

Now you can upgrade your trusty 12 Gauge Remington ® 870 to accept a modern sight system and tactical flashlights. With a red-dot sight or pistol/scout scope, you can get the most out of your favorite tight choked turkey gun or slug barrel. This rugged aluminum mount bolts onto the 870 barrel in minutes with NO modifications to the gun!


Remington 870 Mini Mount
Remington 870 Mini Mount
Remington 870 Mini Mount
Remington 870 Mini Mount

Works with all fore end styles and allows you to change barrels on your shotgun without losing the zero on your sighting system. Good for left-hand and right-hand shooters. TWO models are available.

This version will fit any 12 gauge Remington ® manufactured smooth barrel, including slug barrels equipped with Remington ® rifle sights. Just remove the rear sight slide and the Mini-Scout-Mount ™ 870 will drop right over the rear sight ramp.

It will fit all of the Remington ® manufactured vent ribbed 12 gauge barrels. Our 870 mount WILL fit the 870-Super Express Magnum (3 1/2" shell) just like all of the other 870 12ga barrels.

Installation GuideView full PDF version with photos


  • Treat ALL guns as if they are LOADED.
  • NEVER let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing destroy.
  • Keep your finger OFF the trigger.
  • Push up the FOLLOWER and check the magazine tube..
  • PULL the slide completely to the REAR and CHECK the chamber.
  • Work the slide again and check the chamber AGAIN.

  • START with the shotgun barrel on a flat and sturdy table or bench surface.
  • If you have a slug barrel with rifle sights, remove the rear sight slide.
  • Place the Mount Body upside-down on the table.
  • Position the shotgun barrel into the Mount Body so the front of the magazine hanger lug on the barrel is even with the front of the Mount Body.
  • Place the Barrel Clamp over the shotgun barrel with the notched end of the Barrel Clamp around the magazine hanger lug. 
  • Insert the flanges of the Barrel Clamp into the corresponding recesses in the Mount Body
  • tart the socket-head cap screws provided through the Barrel Clamp and into the Mount Body. We recommend using some type of thread locker on the screws. Do NOT snug down these screws yet. Just take them most of the way down with the hex wrench provided.
  • Position the shotgun barrel between the Mount Body and Barrel Clamp so the magazine hanger lug on the barrel is seated firmly into the notch on the Barrel Clamp (see photo).
  • Tighten the screws evenly with the hex wrench provided so they are ALMOST snug.
  • Use a soft mallet or piece of board to LIGHTLY rap the FRONT of the magazine hanger lug a couple of times to seat it firmly into the notch of the Barrel Clamp.
  • Snug down the screws all the way with the hex wrench using an "X" tightening pattern.
  • Rejoin the barrel to the action.
  • Work the slide assembly and check for any binding or contact that interferes with the proper operation. It is normal for the forearm to rub the clamp a little.
  • Properly installed, the Mini-Scout-Mount ™ does not impede the operation of the shotgun’s slide in any way.
  • Check that the top of the Mount Body is perpendicular or square with the shotgun’s receiver.
  • We recommend you go to the range to function test your shotgun after installation.
  • After firing 5-10 rounds, check the screws holding the Mount Body and Barrel Clamp. Re-snug them if necessary. You can do this without removing the barrel.

Suggested Accessories for Remington® 870

When combined with our Tactical Light Mount Kit install a flashlight for home defense or patrol duty. With all of the features of the proven Mini-Scout-Mount ™ design, you can take a flexible and reliable 870 to a whole new level of performance.

It is your BEST solution for attaching a flashlight or laser sight to your Mini. Add a pistol scope or red-dot sight and you have one of the fastest handling scout carbines ever assembled!

Remington 870 with accessories

Tactical Light Mount Kits




Remington 870 Mount Specific FAQ's

A: All SMOOTH BORE 12 gauge barrels, including the 3.5 inch Super Magnum. It will NOT fit any brand of RIFLED 870 barrel.

A: About 5 minutes.

A: NO…but it will get warm.

A: NO. In fact, since the mount is installed only on the barrel, you can change the barrel to a different gun and still be zeroed.

A: Scout or pistol scope styles will work best. We recommend a pistol scope. They are more compact and have longer eye relief, which allows better peripheral vision.

A: No. The Remington 870 scope mount will fit on any 870 barrel. We are currently working on a Mini-Scout-Mount for the Remington 1100 and 1187. Check the website for new product announcements.

A: No.

A: The 870 mount weighs 7.5 ounces, and 11.095 inches long.

A: It is my understanding that all of the rifled slug barrels sold by Remington are made by Hastings.  By necessity, all rifled slug barrels are much thicker, including the tube hanger lug.  Unfortunately, our mounts will not fit anyone's rifled 870 barrel. 

A: NO.

However, given that the Magpul forearm is made of plastic, the top edge of it could be easily reduced to provide enough clearance to function the shotgun.