FAQ's and Tips

Here is a list of most common questions from our customers. If you need product specific FAQS you will find these on the individual mount and accessory pages.

GENERAL QUESTIONS (click question to reveal answer)

A: The Product List is organized by make/model of firearms. Take a look at the technical description and Frequently Asked Questions Tab (FAQs) to determine the appropriate match. If a rifle is not specifically listed, we do not have a mount for it.

A: We use U.S. Priority Mail. Normal delivery is 3 days. If you provide a valid email address, you will automatically receive a tracking number. If for some reason you cannot get U.S. Mail, contact us about shipping by another means. Additional S&H charges may apply.

A: Only USA states and territories, serviced by the US Postal system (including APO/ FPO). We do not have the license to ship to ANY foreign country.

A: No. Our mounts are designed to installed by the owner. Check out out installation instructions which can be viewed on each product page. However, you can always have a gunsmith do the installation if you prefer.

A: We don’t find that thread sealer is necessary, but it could not hurt.

A: NO. Just spray it with a solvent or cleaner and blow out the debris with compressed air.

A: We recommend a pistol scope. They are more compact and have longer eye relief, which allows better peripheral vision. Scout scopes will work well on some models, but see the FAQS for your particular firearm for a recommendation.

A: Any quality red dot is compatible with our mount. We tested all the lower-cost red dot sights, and settled on those from Ultra-Dot. Click here for the ones we recommend.

A: NO. Any ring with a Weaver style attachment will connect to our Picatinny rail. Use the lowest rings available to mount your scope or red dot sight. This will keep the sighting device closer to the firearm and allow the shooter a better cheek position on the stock.

A: NO. If you need to use your iron sights, remove your red dot sight.

A: If it breaks from normal use, we will replace it. Click here to Contact US. Any mount that has been modified is not eligible for return.

A: Yes, if you take or send it to the point of sale, and return all of the parts UNMODIFIED, and request a refund. Click here to Contact US

A: No. All models of Mini-Scout-Mount have flats on the sides of the mount body that are drilled and tapped to accept the various styles of our Tactical Light Mount Kits.  These handy accessories enable the shooter to easily mount tactical flashlights, lasers, and other accessories.  All of our Tactical Light Mount Kits will fit any model of Mini-Scout-Mount and are sold separately. 

A: All of our products are precision machined aluminum 6061 T-6. Except for the Mini-14 Stainless Finish (clear annodized), all of our mounts and accessories are non-reflective (flat) black annodized. We do not paint our products. 

SCOPE and SIGHTS QUESTIONS (click question to reveal answer)

A: Yes, on ALL MODELS except as stated below. The ample sighting groove on the top of the mount allows a clear field of view for use of open OEM sights when scopes or other sighting devices are not attached. For the Remington ® 870: A simple bead on a 12ga barrel will be obscured by the mount. However, practically all of the tactical mounts available for the 870 today are still useable with our mount in place.

A: Any modern tactical sight system (Aimpoint ®, Holosights, Red-dot, laser, etc.), Pistol or Scout scopes can be mounted with Weaver style rings on the Picatinny style top.

A: NO, not if your scope is positioned over the receiver in the traditional position and your rings have the proper height. In some cases you may need taller rings.

A: Use the lowest rings that will allow mounting the scope. The brand doesn't really matter (Weaver is usually the cheapest, while Warne Quick-Detachable rings are very nice but pricey). The lower rings will help you keep your cheek on the stock for a better shooting position.

A: It is possible, but NOT advised.  Using tall rings will cause the shooter to raise his cheek off the stock in order to see through the scope.  This is very detrimental to good accuracy and a very bulky scope arrangement.

We recommend using the LOWEST rings that can attach the scope to the mount body.  They will give the shooter a better position on the stock, more consistant with the position used with the iron sights.  Use a set of quick detachable rings on your scope.  Even the old Weaver style rings will work for this, as they also index on one side of the mount rail.  Place your forward scope ring in the most forward groove of the Picatinny rail.  Then you can quickly remove the scope when you need the iron sights, and replace it without losing your zero (if you can remember to reinstall it into the same grooves).

TACTICAL LIGHT QUESTIONS (click question to reveal answer)

A: It is attached to the side of the mount body with two screws and the hex wrench provided.

A: It is easily installed on either side of the mount body for right or left-handed shooters.

A: Can I mount Light Rails on both sides of the Mini-Scout-Mount™? Yes. You will need to order two Tactical Mount Light Kits ™.

A: Any quick-detachable tactical flashlight (such as the Streamlight ® M3, M6, etc.) that utilize Picatinny or Glock ® rails will quickly slide on and lock into place. It will also accept any flashlight that can be secured on a Weaver-style base with a scope ring or other attaching device.

A: By positioning two Light Rails end-to-end. The multiple anchor points allow secure mounting.

A: What other accessories can be mounted on the Light Rail? Some ingenious folks have attached an extra optical or laser sight, and others have mounted infrared illuminators. Whatever will fit...