M1 Carbine Mini-Scout-Mount

parts included for ruger mini mount
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M1 Carbine Mini-Scout-Mount ™
Black anodized - $159.99
(Fits US Mil-Std & KAHR only)

M1-Carbine Mini Mount

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Get on 'em FAST with a Mini-Scout-Mount ™
Made in the USA

Details and Specifications

This new model Mini-Scout-Mount ™ fits all US military spec M1-Carbines (including those made by Kahr Arms), and has the same great features as the proven Mini-Scout-Mount ™ for the M1-Garand.

  • Bolts on with NO permanent modifications required
  • Full-length sight base accepts all modern sight systems (ACOG, Red Dot, Holosights, etc.), Pistol or Scout scopes
  • Made of precision extruded and machined aluminum alloy
  • Flat non-reflective, hard anodized finish
  • Does not interfere with OEM sight use
  • Accepts Tactical Light Mount Kits
  • Remains solidly in place and dissipates heat
M1-Carbine Mini Mount
M1-Carbine Mini Mount
M1-Carbine Mini Mount
M1-Carbine Mini Mount

Check your Barrel


Our mount will fit all variations of US Mil-Spec M1-Carbine barrels.  It will NOT fit the Universal or Iver Johnson Carbines.


Installation Guide Click to view full PDF version


Suggested Accessories for M1 Carbine

When combined with our Tactical Light Mount Kit it is your BEST solution for attaching a flashlight or laser sight to your Mini. Add a pistol scope or red-dot sight and you have one of the fastest handling scout carbines ever assembled!

Our Tactical Light Mount Kits will fit ALL models of Mini-Scout-Mount.  On the shorter models (Mini-14, M1-Carbine), the LONG Tactical Light Mount Kit can still be installed, but will extend past the front of the mount.

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Tactical Light Mount Kits


FAQs for M1 Carbine Mount

A: About 4-5 minutes, once you have removed the hand guard.

A: Yes.

A: NO. None of the mounting screws actually touch your rifle.

A: MAYBE. You may see a small improvement in average group size with some types of ammunition.

A: NO…but it will get warm.

A: NO. There are so many variations of gas block styles on the M1-Carbines that we had to settle on a USGI spec to fit the most units available.

A: Yes.

A: YES, but those sold in California will need to replace the barrel band with a GI style, or modify it to fit.

A: We only recommend a pistol scope. They are more compact and have longer eye relief, which allows better peripheral vision. If you use a Scout scope, the shorter eye relief places the rear lens too close to the ejection port. After you fire a couple of rounds off, the oil and powder residue coming out of the port usually fouls your scope lens so badly that you cannot see through it.

A: The key is whether your Universal has a GI barrel or not.  The barrel band/clamp may be another issue, but that can be worked around.  Take your gun out of the stock and look for the GI markings stamped on it.  They would tell you who made it and in what year.  Example:  "RI-2-45" would mean Rock Island Arsenal manufactured in February 1945.

A: No. The M1 Carbine mount only requires removing the action from the stock.

A: No. Only US Mil-Spec carbines.

A: The M1 Carbine mount weighs 8.3 ounces and is 8.060 inches long.

A: Yes. The Iver Johnson has a USGI spec barrel.