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Get on 'em FAST with a Mini-Scout-Mount ™

Company History

A few years ago our General Manager, Douglas Green, was training a group of police officers in Use Of Force scenarios. In one particular scenario, the officers were presented with a situation where they had to exit their patrol car and proceed on foot to back up their comrades in a shootout with an armed and dangerous suspect in a dark industrial area. This particular police department issued Ruger ® Mini-14’s as patrol rifles, Glock ® handguns, and Insight Technology ® M3 flashlights. It was noted that many of the trainees in that scenario responded by drawing their handguns and attaching the M3 flashlight, but left the Mini-14 in the patrol car when they left to join the gunfight. During the training debrief, Mr. Green reviewed the logic of taking a rifle or shotgun to a gunfight whenever one is available. Several students objected, claiming they had better control of the handgun with the flashlight attached (and therefore could shoot more effectively) than when they tried to juggle holding the flashlight and firing the Mini-14. This issue inspired the development of the Mini-Scout-Mount ™ as a means of attaching tactical flashlights to Mini-14 patrol rifles. The design evolved into a rugged platform for mounting modern sight systems on firearms that were not intended to accommodate such options. Now many of the most popular firearms of all time can be equipped with the latest accessories, giving the shooter faster target acquisition and tactical advantages. The board members at Amega Ranges, Inc. play a valuable and active role in the testing and evaluation of each product produced. As a group, they contribute an immense amount of experience and knowledge of shooting and firearms, and include experienced design and test engineers, scientists, and gunsmiths. Their commitment to quality is what makes a Mini-Scout-Mount ™ the best accessory you can bolt onto your firearm.

Executive Biographies

Douglas L. Green

Douglas L. Green - General Manager

Douglas L. Green is the general manager and chief designer at Amega Ranges. He spent many years training military and law enforcement personnel as an Advanced Marksmanship Instructor and Range Officer in the US Marine Corp, Special Agent in the FBI, and Training Officer in the US Department of Energy. He has served as a consultant on firearms training, use of force training, and shooting range design for numerous federal, state, and local agencies including the US Border Patrol, US Air Marshals, and the US Army. In addition to being a competitive shooter in many disciplines, he is an avid varmint hunter, hunter safety and concealed carry instructor.



Susan L. Ross - Operations and Information Technology

Susan L. Ross is the operations and information technology manager at Amega Ranges. Prior to Amega Ranges, she was a corporate manager at a Fortune 100 company in supply management, quality control and planning.